5 Must-Try Mangonadas in Austin

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink in these sweltering last days of summer, we’re here to help. Here are five places across Austin where you can get your mangonada fix.

What is your go-to treat on a hot day? 

You can’t go wrong with a cold and refreshing mangonada.

The fruity drink originated in Mexico and quickly became a popular snack. The creation of the mangonada isn’t clear, since there are many stories ranging from the place and the person who first put the tasty drink together. But its roots can be traced back to the 1990s and its popularity started to spread to the United States a few years later. 

Mangonadas include staple ingredients such as mangos, mango juice, chamoy, and chili powder. Each mangonada varies in ingredients, texture, taste, and even the overall look of it. 

If you’re looking for a refreshing drink in these sweltering last days of summer, we’re here to help. Here are five places across Austin where you can get a mangonada. 

Photos by Kessly Salinas/Austin Vida

Frutería Pekitas (8762b Research Blvd.)

Along with tacos, tortas, and other dishes, Frutería Pekitas offers different snacks that you can order as a dessert. The frutería serves two varieties of the drink including the mangonada molida, which features a soft-serve mango base with a few mango chunks, chamoy, and a chamoy candy stick. 

Cost: $5.72 for 16-ounce mangonada molida

Raspas Locas Y MAS (1631 Barton Springs Rd.)

If you’re out at Zilker Park enjoying the day and need a snack, head to Raspas Locas Y MAS, a food truck where you can order raspas, churros, funnel cakes, and elote in a cup. The raspas are soft-shaved ice of any flavor. Order the mangonada if you want the staple ingredients such as chamoy, mango chunks, and chili powder. If you aren’t a fan of chamoy, order the regular mango raspa. 

Cost: $5 for small raspa

Crazy Fruits (North, 6100 E. Riverside Dr.)

Crazy Fruits, a Mexican restaurant and frutería, has several establishments across Austin and first opened in the city in 2014. Their menu features main dishes such as tortas, hamburgers, and flautas. You can also find savory snacks such as elotes and dorinachos, nachos with Doritos as the base, plus sweet snacks such as fruit cups, ice cream and raspas. 

Their mangonada features a mango-flavored raspa with the staple ingredients such as mango chunks. 

Cost: $6 for 16-ounce mangonada 

Hay Elotes (2214 E. 7th St.)

Hay Elotes was established in 2013 and quickly became a popular spot to get snacks such as elotes in a cup, dorinachos, ice cream, and a variety of drinks. 

In the summer, Hay Elotes has a happy hour special on Wednesdays from noon until 6 p.m. If you buy two mangonadas, you get one free. 

If you’re looking to change up your mangonada, order the Mango Hill for soft-serve mango ice cream, chamoy, chili powder all topped with strawberries and a long fruit flavored candy stick. 

Cost: $7.99 for the Mango Hill 

Tutty Frutty (500 W. William Cannon Dr.)

Tutty Frutty offers a menu of meals such as burgers, burritos and tacos and a wide range of snacks. When ordering the mangonada, you can have either the regular mango-flavored drink topped with chopped mangos, chili powder, and a chamoy candy stick or as a Mangomolida, a blended version of the drink. 

Cost: $6.75 for 16-ounce mangonada

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