Latino Artists Showcased at SXSW 2023

Austin Vida partnered with Latinitas to highlight SXSW music artists to watch from around the globe.

This article originally appeared in Latinitas Magazine and was published through a partnership with Austin Vida. Latinitas Magazine is a publication of the nonprofit organization Latinitas, which empowers all girls to innovate through media and technology. Austin Vida is proud to uplift the work of emerging writers.

South By Southwest has been an Austin staple since its inception in 1987. What started as a simple idea to unite the creatives within one city has grown into a global phenomenon. One that features a full-scale music festival, a Hollywood-worthy film festival, along with conferences, panels, and exhibitions (oh my). SXSW is quite the impressive event, made even more special by the sheer diversity represented both on screen and on stage. This year, solely counting artists that are from Latino and South American countries or create Latin music, SXSW is featuring more than 80 Latino artists.

Some of the featured artists are absolutely massive. Take Argentina’s Tiago PZK, a Popstar from Buenos Aires who got over 99 million views on just one of his performances of his song “ Sola ”. There’s also Mexico’s Oscar Maydon, who specializes in a more traditional sound. As of right now, his collaboration with Natanael Cano “ Porte Exuberante has nearly 140 million streams on Spotify. And performing at SXSW on March 14 is Puerto Rican artist Alejo, a big Reggaeton artist with over six million Spotify listeners monthly. SXSW also highlights up-and-coming and local talents. This year about 12% of the Latino artists are actually based in Texas. This includes Dallas’s very own smooth pop group, Luna Luna and several Austin-based artists.

Here are some of the artists performing at SXSW and where they’re from. More SXSW artists have been announced since publication and more are expected to be announced leading up to the fest. Find a schedule of performances here.


DAT GARCIA (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Electronic and Traditional | 6,845 monthly listeners

Tiago PZK (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Latin and Pop | 15,836,290 monthly listeners


BIKE (Sao Pãulo, Brazil) Rock and Psychedelic | 2,464 monthly listeners

Os Mutantes (Sao Pãulo, Brazil) Rock and Tropical | 400,285 monthly listeners

Rogê (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) World and Bossa Nova | 95,343 monthly listeners

Tuyo (Sao Pãulo, Brazil) Pop and Afropop | 177,750 monthly listeners

Zudizilla (Pelotas, Brazil) Rap and Jazz | 44,154 monthly listeners


Chantel (Mississauga, ON, Canada) Latin | 22,381 monthly listeners

Okan (Toronto, ON, Canada) Latin and Jazz | 2,306 monthly listeners

Ramon Chicharron (Montreal, QC, Canada) Latin and Alternative | 33,029 monthly listeners


J Güero (Santiago, Chile) Latin and Electronic | 2,798 monthly listeners

Juani Mustard (Rancagua, Chile) Rock and Folk | 3,881 monthly listeners

K-efe (Santiago, Chile) R&B and Rap | 97,470 monthly listeners


BALTHVS (Bogotá, Colombia) Funk | 59,822 monthly listeners

Caravanchela (Bogotá, Colombia) Pop and Funk | ​​ 12,772 monthly listeners

Dawer X Damper (Cali, Colombia) Rap and Afrobeat | 83,799 monthly listeners

Diana Burco (Bogotá, Colombia) Latin and Cumbia | 11,965 monthly listeners

Laura Pérez (Bogotá, Colombia) Singer and Indiepop | 106,481 monthly listeners

Monophonicos (Barranquilla, Colombia) Latin and Alternative | 429 monthly listeners

Paraísos (Barranquilla, Colombia) Electronic and Pop | 1,139 monthly listeners

The Virginia Valley (Medellín, Colombia) Electronic and Synthpop | 3,013 monthly listeners

Dominican Republic

El Gran Poder De Diosa (Santo Domingo, DR) Latin and Traditional | 1,465 monthly listeners

La Marimba (Santo Domingo, DR) Latin and Alternative | 6,510 monthly listeners

Letón Pé (Santo Domingo, DR) Latin and Indiepop | 33,443 monthly listeners

Tangowhiskyman (Santo Domingo, DR) Latin and Psychedelic | 3,092 monthly listeners


Mirella Cesa (Guayaquil, Ecuador) Latin and Indiepop | 11,435 monthly listeners


Sara Curruchich (San Juan Comalapa, Guatemala) Latin and World | 8,620 monthly listeners

Tita (Guatemala City, Guatemala) Pop and Alternative | 14,036 monthly listeners


Isabella Lovestory (Tegucigalpa, Honduras) Reggaeton and Electronic | 197,544 monthly listeners


Bial Hclap (Guadalajara, Mexico) Electronico and Folk | 52,535 monthly listeners

Dawn Avenue (Mexico City, Mexico) Pop and Alternative | 470,818 monthly listeners

Destiny Navaira ( Monterrey, Mexico) Latin Fusion | 1,708 monthly listeners

Foudeqush (Mexico City, Mexico) R&B and Alternative | 2,325,952 monthly listeners

Girl Ultra (Mexico City, Mexico) R&B and Alternative | 518,951 monthly listeners

Immasoul (Chetumal, Mexico) Latin and R&B | 321,951 monthly listeners

Jhoniván y su Cumbia Loop (Monterrey, Mexico) Latin | 18K subscribers

Karen y Los Remedios (Guanajuato, Mexico) Latin and Cumbia | 42,614 monthly listeners

O Tortuga (Mexico City, Mexico) Rock and Garage | 12,525 monthly listeners

Oscar Maydon (Mexicali, Mexico) World and Regional | 10,192,655 monthly listeners

Ramona (Tijuana, Mexico) Rock and Indiepop | 563,251 monthly listeners

Son Rompe Pera (Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico) Latin and Cumbia | 110,935 monthly listeners


Lorena Blume (Lima, Peru) Folk and Fusion | 35,294 monthly listeners

Puerto Rico

Alejo (Caguas, PR) Reggaeton and Pop | 6,583,066 monthly listeners

El Laberinto del Coco (San Juan, PR) World and Caribbean | 477 monthly listeners

iLe (San Juan, PR) Latin and Pop | 478,981 monthly listeners

Los Rivera Destino (San Juan, PR) Rock | 225,798 monthly listeners

Neysa Blay (Cabo Rojo, PR) Latin and Alternative | 685 monthly listeners

PIQUETE (Santurce, PR) Latin and New Wave | 1,838 monthly listeners

PJ Sin Suela (Ponce, PR) Latin and Rap | 1,647,983 monthly listeners

The Color Brown (Carolina, PR) Hip Hop and Reggaeton | 805 monthly listeners

unÁnima (San Juan, PR) Latin and Alternative | 2,896 monthly listeners

Villano Antillano (Bayamón Pueblo, PR) Rap and Reggaeton | 5,674,270 monthly listeners


Caballo Prieto Azabache (Madrid, Spain) Rock | 7,901 monthly listeners

Candeleros (Madrid, Spain) Latin and Psychedelic | 1,257 monthly listeners

Ghouljaboy (Jerez, Spain) Pop and Trap | 67,508 monthly listeners

Júlia Colom (Valldemossa, Spain) Folk and IndiePop | 1,768 monthly listeners

Maestro Espada (Murcia, Spain) Electronic and Folk | 22,110 monthly listeners

NOIA (Barcelona, Spain) Electronic and Pop | 22,230 monthly listeners

Núria Graham (Vic, Spain) Folk and Jazz | 74,781 monthly listeners

Rakky Ripper (Granada, Spain) Electronic and Pop | 128,195 monthly listeners

United Kingdom

Desta French (London, UK) Latin | 66,186 monthly listeners

United States

Buenos Diaz (Austin, TX) Rock | 6,888 monthly listeners

Cecilia + The Broken Hearts (Austin, TX) Latin and Cumbia | 182 monthly listeners

Como Las Movies (Austin, TX) Latin and Pop | 2,532 monthly listeners

Del Castillo (Austin, TX) Latin and Rock | 2,643 monthly listeners

Diamante Perez (Ulysses, KS) Latin and Acoustic | 42,530 monthly listeners

Divino Niño (Chicago, IL | Colombia) Latin and Cumbia | 117,409 monthly listeners

El Combo Oscuro (Austin, TX) Latin and Cumbia | 804 monthly listeners

Elena Rose (Miami, FL) Latin and Pop | 1,419,586 monthly listeners

Eslabon Armado (Patterson, CA) Latin and Regional | 8,185,733 monthly listeners

Estereomance (El Paso, TX) Latin and Dream Pop | 29,602 monthly listeners

Luna Luna (Dallas, TX | Colombia) Pop and Alternative | 296,852 monthly listeners

Michi Sanz (Miami, FL) Latin and Pop | 4,947 monthly listeners

Money Chicha (Austin, TX) Latin and Cumbia | 10,191 monthly listeners

Nemegata (Austin, TX) Latin and Psychedelic | 730 monthly listeners

Poe Leos (Rockford, IL) Latin and Pop | 7,761 monthly listeners

Shiela (Miami, FL | Mexico | Nicaragua) Latin and Pop | 693 monthly listeners

Shrt_Lyf (Austin, TX) Latin and Trap | 1,656 monthly listeners

Superfónicos (Austin, TX | Colombia) Latin and Alternative | 4,678 monthly listeners

Trucha Soul (Austin, TX) Latin and Cumbia | 210 followers


Belén Cuturi (Montevideo, Uruguay) World and Folk | 9,708 monthly listeners


Los Hermanos Química (Caracas, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic Of) Latin and Rap | 99,876 monthly listeners

About the author:

Camilia Dejesus is a staff magazine writer and podcast producer at Latinitas. She has been writing since she was a child and enjoys all forms from creative writing down to narrative analysis. She graduated from Brooklyn College with a Bachelor’s in Television and Radio Production and is working full-time at Latinitas Magazine. In her free time, she loves writing stories and doing creative projects such as water coloring or creating poem collections. However now, her greatest passion is trying to find new topics that will engage and inspire Latinx youth.

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